February 19, 2010

Safety is fun! says Virgin America

Download audio here.

Here's another very clever way to take something old, predictable and boring and make it fresh again. All the information is here, but delivered in a new and fun way. It proves my point that the dullest, dreariest topic can be made fun and engaging. Go Virgin America!

On a side note, I realize that I post a lot of entertaining videos, but I hope that you see them as more than just entertainment, as examples to put into practice in your own presentations. I hope you're taking the SUCCESs principles, for example, and using them to make your presentations more "sticky" and memorable. If you can analyze why these videos and commercials are working, then you can apply these concepts to your visuals and content.

This one uses cartoons and silliness to get its message across. The bullfighter who is so proud of himself for learning how to use the seat belt is made funnier by the bull who rolls his eyes. These subtle tactics keep our attention and keep us watching.

The woman who's putting on her life vest actually waves as the announcer says "As you leave the aircraft," putting a somewhat absurd spin on the idea of having to jump into the ocean in a water landing.

The video also pokes fun at those of us who are too cool to look around and see where the nearest exit is. This is obviously something that is common among passengers, so the airline used it because most of us can relate.

Again, I will say that using humor or fun in your presentation doesn't diminish the importance or seriousness of your message. Think about how you can say the same old thing in a new, fresh and engaging way in your next presentation.

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