April 9, 2010

More fun with 30-second commercials

Download audio here.

I've mentioned my monthly referrals group before and some of their more entertaining presentations and 30-second commercials.

Yesterday there were a few more creative commercials. Those of us in networking groups see the same people month after month; if we were to use the same commercial every time, we would definitely start sounding like white noise. So I appreciate the efforts by my fellow group members to keep it fresh and fun.

Sheri Mize, interior designer, joked that her ideal client is one who needs a houseful of furniture.

Linda Blue, photographer, started off talking about rings, which seemed to be a segue from our resident jeweler, Calla Gold. She said that we should take a look at the rings women are wearing. If we notice a solitaire, rather than a plain band, we might ask the person if they've recently gotten engaged. From there, it's a quick leap to asking if they need a wedding photographer! It was unclear where she was going with her pitch at the beginning, which made it even funnier when we discovered her clever twist.

Drew Wakefield, from the Ramada, took an entirely new approach when he advised us to help the economy by encouraging people to come visit Santa Barbara. His hotel was mentioned only after a group member wisecracked, "And where should they stay when they come here?"

And Ginny Milhoan, chiropractor, used a little topical humor when she suggested that our necks might be hurting because we're worried about whether we can pay our taxes -- and that she could take away that stress with her non-force adjustment technique.

My contribution for the day was a short presentation based on my recent blog post "Three bad handshakes to avoid." I had a couple of audience plants who played along with my corny handshake demonstrations.

It's not complicated to come up with a professional introduction (aka "elevator speech") or commercial when you go with what you know, maybe use a little humor, and address universal issues with your audience.

Try something different, a little unexpected, a little spontaneous.

Have fun, be lighthearted, don't take yourself so seriously!

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