September 7, 2010

When nobody cares if you go long

On Speak Schmeak, I've written many posts about how to be memorable and engaging as a speaker. There are certain rewards that come from offering memorable performances: The audience remembers your message and takes action, you get invited back to speak, you get referred to other organizations, maybe you get a raise, maybe you get a promotion. And of course, there's the personal satisfaction of a job well done.

Here's another reward you may not have considered... When you receive an Emmy, the producers let your acceptance speech go on for THREE MINUTES when everyone else is cut off after 40 seconds.

Yes, this is unprofessional of Al Pacino; he should have prepared a 40-second speech like everyone else (it took him 15 seconds just to get started). But who's going to shut up Al Pacino? He was given the usual "wrap up" requests, but kept speaking, and they never played him off.

Let's just say there are perks to being a well-known, popular performer!

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