October 14, 2010

Be extraordinary -- be yourself

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We all have our individual quirks as speakers. We all have unconscious movements, vocal habits, facial expressions and physical gestures that are part of who we are and that sneak out sometimes when we present. Where did they come from? Who knows?

Watching yourself on video is the best way to detect these little habits and, if you find them distracting, you can work to eliminate them. But sometimes it's okay to just let go. Is the habit distracting to you or anyone else? If not, then maybe you can just let it be.

Ellen Degeneres was surprised last week to discover that she has a subtle physical mannerism that she had never noticed until a viewer wrote in to point it out.

Not only does Ellen poke fun at her own quirk in the short video below, but she also gives some advice about being yourself -- there's a nice quote at the end (whoever might have said it).

If you have trouble viewing the embedded video, you can see it here.

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LF said...

I was just searching for that quote after catching a few minutes of Ellen the other day. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Great quote! Unfortunately, I don't know if it's written down anywhere. Maybe she was paraphrasing.

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