October 8, 2010

Playing with my color scheme...

...What do you think? If you're new here, it used to be the reverse, like this.

I need a good color contrast between the main link color and visited link color that doesn't seem completely incompatible when, say, in a list in the sidebar. I've been using #666699, #ffff99, #b6fe1c and #ffcc33 for everything on my site and blog, because there's great contrast. What do you DO with a white background?


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4 comments. Please add yours! :

Joel said...

The old color scheme had better contrast than this one. You are right, white background is difficult. Trying means sometimes we miss and we keep trying.

Anke Tröder said...

Try a slightly darker (add some blue/grey), less purple body color, and a warmer, more orangy link color.

You may have to add some red to the orange you use in your header.

White eats color.

But the white bg makes your site much easier to look at, on the whole, though. It just needs some darker, richer, warmer contrasts.

Have you tried colorschemedesigner.com or a similar site?

Olivia Mitchell said...

I agree with Anke about making the colors darker and richer.

But I prefer the white background - it's a more professional look.

Have fun playing!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Anke, I have used color scheme sites before; that's probably where I got my original color scheme! I haven't gotten that far yet; I was still playing around. Probably this week I'll do some more work on it. I still want it to be close to my website, which I'm not changing, so there will be some compromise involved!


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