January 24, 2011

The mistake that everyone notices...

Interviewing Jeff Bridges on her show the other day, Ellen Degeneres asked if he felt a lot of pressure as the movie awards season heats up, with the expectation he'll receive several nominations for his role in True Grit. He said,

"I don't know ... the pressure of winning and losing doesn't pressurize me. The possibility of having to maybe get up and give a speech -- that's a little daunting."

He then goes on to tell Ellen about his acceptance speech at the BFCA Awards last year, where he repeatedly called his director, Scott Cooper, "Chris" Cooper.

Here's the story he told the Hollywood Reporter this month.

"There were a bunch of awards, and I was kind of numb. The weirdest one was the first, and I got up there and wanted to make sure I acknowledged Scott Cooper. But what did I do? I said, 'I’d like to acknowledge my great director: Chris Cooper!' And out of the audience I hear my wife yelling, 'Scott!' My God, it was my worst fear!"

But as he says in this Men's Journal interview, "That is such a thing you don't want to do. But then you realize that the worst possible thing has happened, the thing you feared the most, and you know what? It doesn't matter."

Most of our mistakes on stage are noticeable only to us. But sometimes we say or do something that can't be ignored. Do we freak out, hang our heads and die of shame? Of course not! We laugh it off, apologize if necessary, and move on.

May we all recover so philosophically from an embarrassing mistake on stage.

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