January 26, 2011

Using props to create a vibe

I attended a presentation the other night where the speaker took props to a whole new level.

Her topic was feng shui, and because it was a dinner event (serving Chinese food as part of the theme), she not only decorated her own space around the lectern, but also decorated the whole room!

Each table had carefully laid-out chopsticks, gold and red foil-wrapped chocolates (like Hanukkah gelt, but with Chinese characters), fortune cookies, and Asian-inspired paper napkins.

The ceiling was hung with Chinese lanterns, there were fans laid out across the back table, and the lectern was draped with a fabric that had Chinese writing on it.

One of her main points was that we should create the kind of vibe and feeling we want in our offices, even if it contradicts a feng shui principle. And there was definitely a vibe in the room.

She gave a lot of interesting feng shui tips, but best of all, she demonstrated her work by bringing it into the decor of the room. (One thing I learned was that, not only is my back-to-the-door desk placement not great for me, but the ceiling fan above my head only compounds the problem. Time to rearrange?)

Not knowing much about feng shui, I don't know if her decorations were merely for fun or if they had some significance, but either way, it was a nice touch and created some anticipation for the program well before it was time for her to speak.

I'm giving a training tomorrow in a room that the organizer has called "low-energy." I'm thinking of doing some research on how to bring up the energy in the room using feng shui principles (along with my toys that always travel with me).

I wonder what I can come up with before tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.! Any ideas? Share in the comments!

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