March 23, 2011

How to tell a story in 90 seconds

I finally got around to watching Inglourious Basterds over the weekend. My husband had already watched it, and fast-forwarded through the disturbing and gory parts. What a guy.

It reminded me that I had been wanting to show you Christoph Waltz' awards show acceptance speeches (he won just about every award he was nominated for, for his portrayal of the Nazi "Jew hunter" Hans Landa).

In each speech (each one under 90 seconds), he tells a story with a clear theme and a beginning, a middle and an end -- and manages to thank people, too, by weaving them into his story.

Many actors don't even write a speech or practice it, so when I see a performer who clearly went to the trouble to create something interesting and cohesive, and that still manages to take care of Hollywood politics, I'm impressed!

Here's his Golden Globes acceptance speech, with themes of gravitational forces, world, universe and orbit.

And here's his Academy Awards speech with themes of discovery, expedition, navigation and ships.

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