March 29, 2011

Public speaking role models -- all under 20

I've been meaning to show you these three young speakers for some time, and finally realized I should put them all into one post!

I've written about two of them before on this blog, Graeme here and Alec here.

All three share some things in common.

1. They were all under the age of 20 at the time of these videos.

2. Their impassioned speeches come from the heart and have real emotion behind them.

3. They express deep conviction for their beliefs, while understanding and accepting the controversy behind these beliefs.

4. They each demonstrate calmness, poise and confidence.

While interviewing Zach Wahls, Ellen Degeneres said, "You didn't come off as nervous at all."

Zach's response was, "I was shaking. I'm shaking now."

Nervous or not, each young man found a way to express himself sincerely, concisely and passionately. Two of the speeches are under 3 minutes; the third is just over 12 minutes. If only every speaker was able to convey so much meaning, so articulately, and in such a short amount of time!

Watch these three speeches and tell me what you get from them. My only question: Where are the girls?

Zach Wahls - 19

Alec Loorz - 15

Graeme Taylor - 14

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