May 31, 2011

Have you ever been outrageous?

One of my favorite guests on Ellen is beauty expert Kym Douglas. She's an attractive woman, always well-dressed, well-coiffed and well-prepared, and her demonstrations are completely nutty. Her specialty is showing how to make beauty products from household items -- if there's enough humor in them.

Kym immediately gets the audience laughing by smearing something on her face -- say, avocado or glue -- or pouring something on her hair like ketchup or beer. She always offers to demonstrate on Ellen first, and Ellen always declines. Then she moves on to beauty tricks like pulling her face back with elastic in a "secret face lift" or climbing into a tubful of skin-softening red wine.

I take great pleasure in watching Kym destroy her perfect makeup, hair and clothing. We were always taught, as little girls (and maybe little boys, too), that there were "good clothes" and "play clothes." Watching Kym smash this taboo and have fun with margaritas, coffee grounds and mayonnaise just delights the heck out of me, and Ellen's audience too. What she's doing works, because she keeps getting asked back!

Have you ever tried something a little outrageous in your presentations? Share in the comments!

See one of Kym Douglas' Ellen appearances below, and find more on Hulu.

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