August 4, 2011

Content, visuals, sound: a well-synced presentation

Thanks to Denise Graveline for posting this excellent TED talk on listening, by sound expert Julian Treasure. Of course, there's lots of juicy material here for speakers to learn from, and the structure of the presentation is so simple, clean and well-organized, you can't help but internalize Treasure's points.

But what I want to mention about this video has nothing to do with listening. Notice how his visuals enhance the presentation. The slides are a perfect match to the presentation -- again, simple, clean and and a subtle reminder of the points Treasure is making. They get your attention without being complicated, dense or hard to read. I'd love to see more images instead of mostly text, but the text is done well and I have no complaints.

And, back on listening, his sound effects are perfectly chosen and synchronized and add a deeper level of understanding to the presentation. Treasure has done a fantastic job of combining content, visuals and sound to tell a very effective story.

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