August 23, 2011

Want to improve as a speaker? Change your attitude!

I came across the following status update on Facebook this morning, from an old friend who's just moved to another state and started a new job:

"Not sure what I think about getting ready for work at 4:30 am."

My first thought -- of course -- was UGH. I'm not a morning person. It's torture for me to get out of bed before 8:30 most days.

But the very first comment to her post was this: "You think it's Awesome!"

And further down the page: "That you are so happy to have a great job!! :) Drink lots of coffee!!"

And I just got all warm and fuzzy inside. It's really about attitude, isn't it?

I spoke to a client yesterday who told me he sits in company meetings thinking to himself, "Don't ask me to speak... Don't ask me to speak."

I suggested to him that, instead of sitting in meetings hoping not to get called on, instead he attend meetings with the intention to speak. If he plans something to say -- give a report, tell a joke, make an announcement -- then the fear of being called on has no validity. He is calling on himself!

So now, instead of dreading being asked to speak, he is making the decision to speak and taking control of the situation.

So much anxiety about public speaking comes from giving negative mental energy to the wrong things, the things we fear we can't control. Well, the truth is, we can't control everything. So how about we control what we can, and let the rest fall into place? Wanna know what you can always control? Your attitude!

Instead of "I hate public speaking," how about "If I got more practice, I might become better at public speaking and enjoy it more."

Instead of "I'm going to make a mistake and embarrass myself," how about, "I might make a mistake, but so what? I'm human. I can laugh it off and move on."

Instead of "I'm going to bore the audience," how about, "I have valuable things to say and I'm excited to share!"

Instead of "I can't believe I have to give this stupid report," how about, "I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to practice my speaking skills and show my department how confident and self-assured I am. I deserve the promotion that's coming to me!"

Every presentation is an opportunity to improve. Every presentation is an opportunity to connect with people, share your message, influence others, be memorable, stand out from the crowd, and more.

Change your attitude and you change everything, but most importantly: your ability to learn, improve and grow.

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