October 7, 2011

2011 Annoying PowerPoint Survey results have been released!

The results of Dave Paradi's Annoying PowerPoint Survey for 2011 have been released! Things are generally the same as in the past: Audiences find speakers who read the slides to them to be the most annoying aspect of PowerPoint presentations.

Dave mentions three recurring themes in the comments to the survey:

1. Presenters attempting to cram too much information in to the presentation

2. Presenters need to be better prepared to deliver the presentation

3. Poorly designed slides

Sound familiar? And I'm not just talking about the speakers you've had to sit through. I'm talking about your own presentations. These themes are not only consistent with speakers I've watched, but with my clients' own difficulties with PowerPoint.

When speakers are audience members, these things drive them crazy. But when they get up on stage, they end up perpetrating the same annoying PowerPoint habits of speakers they criticize.

Why? They don't know how to make it better! They don't have the awareness, training or knowledge to change their behaviors.

Dave's conclusion from the survey?

"That presentations are becoming a more important vehicle for communicating, but presenters aren’t really getting any better at effectively using this important vehicle to get their message understood. To change the current state, it will take awareness on the part of the presenters and a willingness to do things differently."

If you know you could be doing better PowerPoint presentations, but you're not sure how to get there, e-mail me or give me a call. I can help!

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