October 27, 2011

Why we need a dog

For a clear, concise story within a clear, concise story, look no further than the current Microsoft commercial. The commercial shows a child using PowerPoint to convince his parents to add a dog to the family.

The PowerPoint within the commercial is also simple, delivering three main points with video, a chart, and on each slide, one clean line of text:

Protection (we see a dog attacking a man)

Teach me responsibility (we see the boy "walking" a stuffed dog)

Dog owners live longer (a nifty chart showing years vs. "dog" and "no dog")

There is no dialog in the commercial, only facial expressions and body language expressing the family members' reactions to the presentation. Later (after the dog has been adopted), we see Dad approach Mom with a similar presentation about playing golf on Sundays, but Mom shoots him down with a shake of the head.

And all of this is achieved in 30 seconds.

You think 20 minutes or ten minutes or five minutes isn't enough time for your presentation? Sure it is! Keep it simple, choose your most critical points, and appeal to your audience's emotions... and you've got yourself a dog!

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