November 18, 2011

Game changers! Presentations to inspire change... do they succeed?

I apologize for not putting up a blog post this week. We said goodbye to our 18-year-old kitty, the last of a dynasty of cats stretching back to our honeymoon in 1989. I'm working alone now in an empty house all day and it's a little hard to take. Here's the tribute I wrote to our sweet Noonie.

Unable to get a blog post finished this week, I nevertheless did find some entertaining videos of presentations that could use a little work. If you watch The Office, you've seen these. If not, take a look.

The first two presenters get their ideas shot down; they aren't appealing to the boss at all. But look what happens when the boss hears what he wants to hear from Kevin, believing Kevin's cookie idea to be an analogy for a bigger problem in the company. Game changer!

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