December 27, 2011

What paralyzes you?

Do you ever feel like you should do something, or want to do something, but you're paralyzed? Something's holding you back, but what is it?

For me, it's overthinking. I have a hard time moving forward when I'm busy trying to get every detail right. For you, it might be overthinking, or fear of failure, or procrastination, or a million other things.

For those of you who feel like you can't make a move without a big kick in the butt, this Todd Rundgren/Utopia song's for you. It's clearly about someone who can't get out of a bad relationship, although he knows he should. But I like it as a kick in the butt. I play it during my workouts to tell my feet, literally, to get me to the end of my walk.

What paralyzes you?

If you're unable to see the video, click here to go to the site.

Here are the lyrics:

Can’t you see, she don’t want you around no more
Can’t you see, that her hand’s pointing at the door
Feet don’t fail me now
How could anyone stay
Anyone could see it’s time to go away
Time to take a powder
Open up your eyes
But it feels like my legs have been paralyzed

Feet don’t fail me now
Begging please don’t make a fool of me
Feet don’t fail me now
Please don’t keep me where I should not be
Feet don’t fail me now
Stop pretending that you’ve gone to sleep
Feet don’t fail me now
Begging please don’t make a fool of me

See your things piled in the hall
Turn around, there’s a new picture on the wall
Feet don’t fail me now
We’re the last ones to know
Anyone could see it’s time for us to go
Time to hit the highway
Nothing left to do
But it feels like my shoes have been crazy glued

And here's a live performance from 1982. There's some dialog; the song starts at 1:33.

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