January 19, 2012

It's the little (hairy) things....

On The Ellen Show last week, Kenneth Branagh was a guest, talking about his movie "My Week With Marilyn." Ellen asked him what he does to prepare for awards shows like The Golden Globes, which was forthcoming.

I've heard a lot of celebrities' and speakers' preparation routines and rituals, but this is one I've never heard mentioned on national television: trimming eyebrows and nose and ear hair.

Branagh commented that, as he's gotten older, he has developed more unruly hairs and he doesn't want that to be what people see when he's on the red carpet. It's a practical consideration as well for anyone who's going to be presenting or giving an acceptance speech onstage, with cameras enlarging your face on the TV screen for all to see.

Personal grooming habits are not often spoken about, so let's do it. Personally, I wish I took better care of my fingernails. I'm a nail biter, and while I've gone years at a time keeping them manicured and neat, I've also gone years with bitten uneven nail nubs. I'm also a big fan of eyebrow tweezing, as are a lot of women (and these days, men as well). Like Branagh, I've noticed the unruliness of eyebrows that comes with age, and I also like the way keeping my eyebrows clean opens up my face and eyes, making me look more alert and awake!

Question to my readers: In addition to those hairy body parts that Branagh mentions, what other aspects of personal grooming do you think are important for a speaker to look polished and professional?

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