June 22, 2012

Meet me in Las Vegas, October 9-10!

What's the fastest, surest way to bore your audience to tears, destroy your own credibility, ruin any good points you have to make, and kill even the best presentation?

Use PowerPoint.

At least, that’s what a lot of people used to say, but not anymore...

PowerPoint presentations used to be synonymous with too many bullet points, tiny font you can't read, and putting people to sleep. It just sucked the energy and life out of any speaker’s presentation.

And in unskilled, inexperienced hands, all of these things are still true. After all, who wants to listen to someone fumble with a pointer ("...maybe it's this button...where is that slide?...") and mumble to a screen with their back to their audience? (Read this post for some true-to-life examples of presenters I've seen do these things.)

But skilled speakers know that used the right way, PowerPoint can add emphasis, dramatic flair and fun to your presentation. You can actually make strong visual points that your listeners will remember what you're talking about — especially when you're presenting graphs and charts or presenting to a large group.

So how do you harness the magic of PowerPoint instead of letting it be a huge distraction? How will you use PowerPoint to:

Win over new clients?

Train employees better?

Make better presentations to managers, execs, and shareholders?

With Dynamic Presentations Training Camp!

This two-day camp will cover just about all of my best general presentation tips and tools, with emphasis on creating effective PowerPoint.

Registration is now open -- Join me October 9-10 in Las Vegas!

Hope to see you there!

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