October 31, 2012

A Halloween special for you... just till the stroke of midnight!

If you're like me, you have no plans for Halloween. And if you're really like me, you live on a dark street with no sidewalks, where no child would ever consider trick-or-treating.

So I'm in for an evening of comfort food, reading, and maybe a movie. Ahhh, the life.

If you happen to be poking around on the web tonight, wondering if there's anything around here to entertain you, and you find this post, I have a little surprise for you.

Just for today, until midnight Pacific time, I'm offering you something very special, and not scary at all.

I'm offering you my full set of AskLisaB Q&A call series recordings, six calls in all, for 50% off the regular price!

These calls answer some of the most common questions about public speaking, like:

"How can I be funnier when speaking?"

"How can I develop that attention-grabber opening?"

"I have a lot to say. How can I get my point across in a timely

"How do I exude confidence?"

"How do I avoid getting tongue-tied?"

"How do I prevent myself from blanking out?"

"How can I get more speaking practice?"

And more!

Click the link to check out what else comes with this offer: A ridiculous collection of additional resources -- blog posts, book recommendations, videos and articles are included, and all for 50% off the regular price.

Don't delay. This offer is only good until midnight Pacific (that's 3 a.m. for you night owls on the east coast). Go here to read more.

And for those of you who are heading out in your creative, funny, scary, silly or mysterious costumes tonight: Have fun and be safe!

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