November 9, 2012

What's hiding in your presentation closet?

Many of my clients come to me with existing presentations that need freshening up, tweaking, revising, and improving. One of the simplest ways to freshen up a presentation is to rearrange it.

For example, a client will come to me with a really boring opening, a bunch of thank yous, or no opening at all. I'll go through the presentation with her and find a great story, question or activity a few minutes into the presentation. We'll take that story, question or activity and bump it up to the very beginning of the presentation, and presto change-o! We've got an engaging, interesting new opening.

Sometimes we find the flow of the presentation doesn't quite work, and upon further analysis, we realize that there's actually a chronology or logical order to the presentation that wasn't being utilized. We'll shift the order of the main points, and now there's a pleasing flow that helps the audience follow the topic better.

It's like going through your closet with an image consultant who sees your wardrobe with fresh eyes. She'll put outfits together that you never considered, and when she's done, you've got a whole new wardrobe without having to buy anything!

Poke around in your presentation and determine what can be rearranged. What would give it a better flow, a more organized structure, a stronger opening or closing? Maybe this story goes better with that point, or that activity goes better with this story.

Sometimes you have everything you need in your presentation, you just need to rearrange it. Now go clean out your closet!

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This is easily the worst website I have ever seen!

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