April 26, 2013

Fun Friday: Miss America introductions

I never managed to post this in January, but it's a perfect video for a Fun Friday! The Miss America pageant figured out a way to make 53 introductions fun, engaging and quick (just over ten minutes)! Enjoy the short video.
Miss America 2013 - Opening Ceremony from Joseph Ribkoff on Vimeo.

I've included a few of the introductions below if you prefer to read instead.

"From the state that brought you Channing Tatum, People's Sexiest Man Alive: You're Welcome. I'm Anna Laura Bryan, Miss Alabama."

"From the state where your vote counts, and counts, and counts, I'm Laura McKeeman, Miss Florida."

"From the state that celebrates diversity -- from Scarlett O'Hara to Honey Boo Boo -- I'm Leighton Jordan, Miss Georgia."

"From the home of Abraham Lincoln -- before he was a movie -- I'm Megan Ervin, Miss Illinois."

"From the home of Aerosmith: Rock on, America. I'm Taylor Kinzler, Miss Massachusetts."

"From the state that weds 150 couples each day in Las Vegas -- Tim Tebow, what do you say we make it 151? -- I'm Randi Sundquist, Miss Nevada."

"Sandy may have swept away our shores, but never our spirit. I'm Miss New York, Mallory Hagan."

"From the state where we use sushi as bait, and no, y'all are the ones with the accent, I am Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers."

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