May 15, 2013

Does your audience say you made their day?

On a recent teleseminar, one of my participants mentioned that his audiences are frequently attending for CEUs, and that they weren't particularly enthusiastic about being there.

And we've all had audiences like that, who are mandated for one reason or another, and aren't there by choice or because they're particularly interested in our topic. When our audiences are less than enthusiastic, it's tempting to be unenthusiastic ourselves.

It's tempting to just go through the motions because, hey, they don't want to be there anyway. And believe me, I've seen my share of this kind of presentation.

But guess what: You could turn someone's day completely around. You could actually give them value for their time that they would appreciate and remember.

Here's an example: My husband recently attended a conference on the East Coast. It wasn't his choice to go; he was sent by his company, and he wasn't very excited about it.

On day one, he texted me to say that the first presentation was so great that the whole trip was worth it.

Now, couldn't you do that for someone?

Why not make your presentation the best possible experience for them, anyway? So that when they leave they say, "I'm really glad I came."

Take the time to make the little things count. Craft an engaging opening. Wrap up with a strong closing. Incorporate audience interaction. Tell stories, use analogies, make it interesting. Connect.

Do all the things you do when your audience wants to be there. Make it fun for yourself and for them, too.

Give them an experience that erases the ho-hum attitude they walked in with, and replaces it with "The whole trip was worth it."

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