June 12, 2013

Help me help Daisy, and get a special deal for yourself!

If you've ever had a furry friend, you know how disheartening it is to discover that she or he has health problems. You want the best for your loved ones, whether human, canine, feline, or other fuzzy, feathered or scaly family member.

Many of you have been part of my community for a long time and might remember our adoption of two middle-aged kitties (Daisy and Tiger) in December 2011, after their owner died and left them homeless.

These kitties came at a time when we were still grieving the loss of our third elderly kitty in three years, and they brought so much life and joy back to our lives!

Now Daisy, who is only nine, is having some rather mysterious health problems. She lost a significant amount of weight last year, and after having been fairly stable for a while with the help of our vet, just last week she hit a new low. We knew we would need to dig deeper, so off she went for more blood work, x-rays and an abdominal ultrasound.

Unfortunately, what they found was not only NOT good news, but also not the reason for her weight loss, so while we've discovered that she has enlarged lymph nodes and an abnormally small, damaged kidney, and that she needs B12 injections to make up for nutrient malabsorption in her small intestine, we still don't know why she's not absorbing nutrients from her food.

And the medical bills are starting to pile up, with the knowledge that there are more tests and more treatments to come as we navigate this rocky course. We are cautiously optimistic; whatever is happening in her lymph nodes does not seem to be aggressive and may be related to other inflammatory issues rather than lymphoma.

The good news is that she's eating well and all her cat behaviors are intact: She scratches her scratching post, she cleans and sunbathes, and she loves to climb into our laps for snuggles. She's not acting like a sick cat, and we think she's feeling okay.

In order to manage these unexpected expenses and make sure that Daisy has the best care she can receive, I've decided to throw a "Get Daisy Healthy" Sale!

Until this Friday, June 14th, I'm offering you a whopping 66% off my home study version of Speak to Engage: 7-Step Shortcut to Public Speaking Success. This program is regularly $297, but for the next three days, it's only $99!

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If you wanted to join me for Speak to Engage LIVE but were unable to make the time commitment, the Speak to Engage home study program is perfect for you. Entirely self-paced, all the teleseminar recordings and materials are online on your private member site, for 24/7 access.

You've got three days to take advantage of this one-time offer. Get yourself an amazing deal on my 7-week audience engagement program and help Get Daisy Healthy!


P.S. To sweeten this deal even more (and it totally doesn't need it), I'm going to throw in 30 minutes of private coaching. We'll chat by phone or Skype about whatever public speaking issues are bugging you. Are you in?

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