July 6, 2013

How to read Speak Schmeak when Google Reader is gone!

Frustrated that Google Reader's going away? I can help!
Hello, friends! Google Reader is gone. Uh oh... How will you continue to read Speak Schmeak in a way that's convenient and creates the least work for you?

I thought I'd make this transition easier by giving you some options for staying updated with my blog. Here you go.

1. Subscribe by e-mail

There's a box on the right-hand side of this page for you to enter your e-mail address. Speak Schmeak will then arrive in your inbox and you don't have to go anywhere to read it! If your inbox is kinda crazy, you might consider creating a folder for Speak Schmeak and having each post go there.

2. Subscribe through Kindle

You can get Speak Schmeak delivered directly to your Kindle by going here and subscribing with one click.

3. "Like" my Facebook page

My blog posts are automatically delivered to my Facebook page shortly after they're published. Just make sure when liking my page that you click "Show in news feed" so that you actually see my posts! And even better, click "Get notifications." Then you won't miss any of them.

4. Use another blog reader

I heard good things about Feedly, so I just switched my blog feeds to that platform in one click. It look less than a minute. You have until July 15 to grab your data from Google Reader, so you better get on it!

5. Subscribe to my Presentation Pointers newsletter

You won't get every blog post here, but you will get a twice-monthly handpicked post delivered to your inbox, along with updates on programs, products and subscriber-only specials I'm offering. Click here and fill out the signup box on the right that says "Looking for a quick and easy 'cheat sheet' of public speaking tips? Get your free e-book here: '101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking!'"

I hope this helps answer the big question "How can I keep reading Speak Schmeak without having to work too hard to get it?" and that you continue to stay in touch through one of these avenues. Happy reading!

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