July 18, 2013

Up, up, and away!

Up, up, and away! 

Just a few more hours until the price of the SpeakUP! program goes up to $197!

Get it now for $100 off: http://www.coachlisab.com/speakup.html

Whether you're onstage, in a staff meeting, or mingling at a networking event, confidence can be the difference between being heard and remembered, and being forgotten the minute the meeting is over. 

You reveal your lack of confidence through your posture, your voice, your facial expressions, your gestures, and how you interact (or don't interact) with the audience.

Unfortunately, a speaker who lacks confidence will be disregarded and not taken seriously, no matter how much expertise you have.

Think about the confident people you know. They get respect, they get listened to, they’re persuasive -- which means they get their way more often!

In fact, confident people inspire confidence in others!

So... how do you build confidence?

Through baby steps. 

Through careful planning and preparation, embracing your uniqueness, trusting your gut, trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, learning from missteps and acknowledging accomplishments.

All of these aspects of confidence will be addressed in my 8-week program starting July 25: SpeakUP! 8 Daily Challenges to Build Your Confidence Muscles at Work, at Home, and in Front of an Audience

If you're afraid of taking a risk, standing out or speaking up, this program is for you.

Register before midnight EDT tonight and get the special early bird rate of $97. (Tomorrow it goes up to $197.)

Join me for this transformational program and make the journey from cautious to confident!

Are you an entrepreneur or professional who's looking for better results from your speaking? Are you hoping to build credibility and visibility for your business or cause? Tired of just "getting by" and ready to deliver truly engaging and powerful presentations? Click here to learn about 1:1 coaching with me!

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