October 17, 2013

Top ten reasons to join the Elite Speakers Mastery & Mentoring Program

Photo Credit: sam_churchill
10. Review your overall professional package -- understand how you come across on stage and how your marketing materials, website and personal appearance help or hurt your brand.

9. Set specific action items for accountability as you work to accomplish your goals.

8. Brainstorm ideas with your peers who are out there in the trenches, speaking on a regular basis.

7. Exchange best practices with your fellow experienced speakers.

6. Get feedback from the group to help you analyze and evaluate your presentations.

5. Build your skills, your confidence and your mastery of speaking through a program that’s customized to your exact needs.

4. Test out new material before getting in front of an audience.

3. Participate in a community where you can share experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) with your fellow advanced-level speakers.

2. Get coaching and mentoring from a speaking expert who knows what you’re going through (ahem... that would be me).

1. Get reinvigorated, break through the barriers that are limiting your progress and potential, and lift your speaking to the next level!

The Elite Speakers Mastery & Mentoring Program starts October 30, but applications are due by October 25, so don't delay! And if you sign up by Friday, October 18, you'll get a whole passel of awesome bonuses, too!

Are you an entrepreneur or professional who's looking for better results from your speaking? Are you hoping to build credibility and visibility for your business or cause? Tired of just "getting by" and ready to deliver truly engaging and powerful presentations? Click here to learn about 1:1 coaching with me!

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Jef Menguin said...

This looks like a very good program. I hope I can create a community like this in the Philippines. Jef Menguin | http://jefmenguin.com

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Jef, this program is virtual... you can create it anywhere!

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