May 1, 2014

Are you an awkward dork?

Do you identify with any of these: Awkward dork, goofball, character, goober, kook -- or other similar terms that you use to describe your inner weirdo?

If so, join the club!

I've always known I was an awkward dork.

I'm too loud, I put my foot in my mouth ALL the time, I can't pull off cool or smooth or poised to save my life. I'm always the weirdest person in every group, and even among my closest friends, I still feel like a little bit of an alien.

In fact, because my awkward dork goes everywhere with me, I'm also an awkward dork on stage. But I'll tell you what: This has only been GOOD for me. Where other speakers try so hard to "fit in" and be cool and smooth and poised, I've stopped fighting the awkward dork in me, and embraced it.

I'm not interested in fitting in.

I'm not interested in the status quo.

I'm not interested in pretending to be something or somebody I'm not.

How about you? Want to learn how to embrace and celebrate the awkward dork in you?

Then join me on my all-new free teleseminar, "Public Speaking for Awkward Dorks: Embrace Your Dorkiness and Discover Your Inner Superhero!" It's at 1:00 PDT/4:00 EDT on May 22. Click here to read more and to sign up:

Post a hearty YES in the comments if you identify with any of those terms at the top. And if I missed your favorite term for your inner weirdo, please share!

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4 comments. Please add yours! :

Matt Tomsho said...

I'll give a hearty YES to that!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Matt. :-)

Michael Cortes said...

I've only known you online... so far. But I never got the awkward dork vibe from you. Sometimes I start to believe I'm smooth, funny, and charming. Then I open my mouth in person and realize I'm an awkward dork too.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Michael, thanks for sharing. I get that same smooth, funny, charming feeling sometimes. But it's only fleeting. Then I'm back to the "real" me. :-) Online, it's easy to make ourselves look cooler than we are.

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