September 17, 2014

So many great learning opportunities -- Join me!

I've got several super cool projects going on this month and next, and I want to make sure you don't miss out!

1. Bloom Your Online Relationships 30-Day Challenge

We are slightly more than halfway through, but you can join at any time, and you'll still have access to all the activities and the Facebook discussion group.

This is a challenge to focus on building relationships rather than list-building, fan-building, follower-building, and much of the stuff we spend time on when we're building online businesses.

The daily challenges are fun, thought-provoking, and creative, and I've found a few that resonated with me so much that I instantly implemented. And it's FREE!

Read about it here. My tip was posted on Monday, and it was about giving your community a gift "just because." You can read my tip here, but make sure to sign up to get all 30!

2. Outstanding Presentations Workshop

This webinar series, hosted by PowerPoint expert Ellen Finkelstein, features weekly guest speakers who will reveal their secrets and strategies on presenting and using PowerPoint effectively.

This program has already started as well, but you can sign up and get all 7 recordings, plus handouts and bonus gifts for just $17! That is a ridiculous price for all the presentation and PowerPoint expertise you're going to get!

My presentation is on September 30, on audience engagement, and this is not a presentation that you will ever see online or for this low price, as it's reserved for corporate and conference clients. Again -- $17 for all of these trainings? Don't let this opportunity get away!

Register here.

3. Interview for The Boomer Business Owner

I recently recorded a podcast interview with Charlie Poznek of The Boomer Business Owner on how public speaking can help you grow your business. Some of the points we covered include:

* The importance of audience research when creating a presentation
* Why you are the face of your brand at all times
* How to find affordable public speaking training
* Why passion trumps perfection in all great speeches
* Why you don’t need to have great speaking techniques to move your audience

There's also a special link on that page for podcast listeners for a rockin' deal on my Audience Avenger Alliance membership program, so check that out, too!

Listen here.

4. Speak to Engage: 7 Step Shortcut to Public Success is coming!

This is my most popular program that I only run once a year -- and it's coming back in October!

Save the date for this one: October 21. Registration isn't open yet, but you can visit the page and read about it here.

There will be special early bird rates when I open the program for registration in September, AND I will be offering a first-time alumni rate for clients who have taken this course before or purchased the home study program and want a refresher, so stay tuned.

Get all the updates on this program and special early bird rates by joining my mailing list.

On The Everything Page you'll find everything you need to build visibility, credibility and influence through engaging presentations that move your participants into action: freebies, low-cost products and courses, and 1:1 coaching!

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