October 9, 2014

Want to be a better speaker? You have to take action.

Which one of these sounds like you?

>> You enjoy speaking, and you know you could make a bigger impact if you could just tweak your skills.

>> You "get by" when giving presentations, but you know you're nowhere near the top of your game, and you need to step it up.

>> You don't enjoy speaking at all, mostly because you don't really know how to create and prepare for a presentation, and thus have no confidence in your ability to pull it off.

These three scenarios describe about 90% of my clients. I do have clients who are already good speakers, they enjoy speaking, and they have a high-stakes presentation coming up that's outside the realm of what they've done before. But the majority are in one of the three camps mentioned above.

The question is this: You know you need to change, so what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to keep lamenting your circumstances, or are you going to step up to the plate and make a decision that will take you in the direction you need to go?

Are you going to make excuses to yourself about why you can't get help to implement the necessary changes (it's always money or time, right?) or are you going to find a way to make it happen?

Are you fed up with being stuck in the same place for so long with no apparent solution?

I know I was. 

At about the five-year mark in my business, I had the sudden revelation that I was flying by the seat of my pants. For FIVE YEARS, I had been making things up as I went along, grabbing this free training and that free PDF and piecing together a mishmash of materials whenever I needed to learn something new. 

And my business was stagnant.

So I finally decided to take a leap of faith, and started investing in my business. I invested in a small program at first, which taught me how to systemize aspects of my business that still had no rhyme or reason. Then I invested in a bigger program, that had me flying across the country for a three-day training.

Then I took the leap (literally, into Alicia Forest's LEAP Studio), and invested in a 9-month group coaching program. This series of events caused my business to take its own leap forward, and every year since that I've invested in my own training, my business has continued to grow -- and I've made all my investments back.

I'm telling you this because I know how it feels to be stuck, to wish that we could just magically change things without investing time or money. I offer a lot of free teleseminars, e-books, and this blog. But free will only take you so far.

So I invite you to invest in your public speaking improvement, the impact you make on your audience, the growth that you will see in yourself and in your business, through my upcoming program, "Speak to Engage: 7-Step Shortcut to Public Speaking Success," starting on October 21. 

It's virtual, so you can attend from anywhere, by phone or by computer.

It's recorded, so you can listen at any time if you can't make one of the sessions.

It's fun, especially when people show up and participate in the live calls and in the Facebook group!

There's a nifty early bird rate, some great bonuses, and a 2-pay option, all available until October 17

And... it's super affordable. It's dip-your-toe-in-the-water affordable. It's maybe-someday-I'll-work-with-Lisa affordable. It's I-know-I'm-ready-to-stop-stagnating affordable.

Will you take a look? And let me know if you have any questions. I hope you'll take your own leap - and join me!

P.S. It's my ninth anniversary this month of my coaching business! If I hadn't taken that leap a few years ago, I would certainly not be where I am now.

On The Everything Page you'll find everything you need to build visibility, credibility and influence through engaging presentations that move your participants into action: freebies, low-cost products and courses, and 1:1 coaching!

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