January 7, 2016

What's your theme for 2016?

Happy New Year! 

And just like that (imagine me snapping my fingers), it's 2016. A full week into 2016. Wow!

And like the past five or six years, I have a theme to guide me. It's already been showing up again and again, through different avenues like books, Facebook memes, coaching articles and friends' experiences. What is this theme that has already drilled itself into my soul for this year? "Let Go."

I'm letting go of business practices and programs that aren't working. I'm letting go of clothes that I don't love (a little painful). I'm letting go of household items that I've kept because they were gifts, or because I thought they would be useful "someday," or because I loved them - at one time.

And I'm letting go of attitudes and habits that hold me back, keep me scared, and interfere with growth and change. Letting go is hard, but keeping stuff around that is no longer useful or helpful, that's worse.

Do you have a theme word, goals or resolutions that you're aiming for this year? And how do those goals tie into your desire to improve your public speaking? (You wouldn't be here if you weren't interested in improving your speaking, right?)

For example: Your theme word is "confidence" (a theme I see popping up a lot on Facebook). What better way to build your confidence than to learn how to master your speaking and connect with your audiences?

Your theme word is "trust" (mine from last year). What better way to honor this theme than to learn to trust your strengths and abilities onstage?

Your theme word is "achieve" (from the site My One Word). What better way to feel the satisfaction of achievement than to learn how to properly design and deliver a presentation that offers transformation and truly impacts your audience?

Improving your public speaking, learning to connect with and engage your audiences, and understanding and implementing the four basic principles of speaking will grow your life and your business no matter what your theme is for 2016.

This year, I'm offering my first live speaking retreat, here in Santa Barbara, California, from March 21-23. Watch the video below for more information and visit the registration page here. There are only four spots left out of twelve, so don't delay. This is the best time of year to make new commitments and stick to them!

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