May 10, 2016

Will the timing ever be right?

How many times have you waited to start something until the timing has been "right?"

How did that go? Did you ever start? Did you wait so long that the opportunity was no longer available? Did you wait so long that you lost your chance?

The last three times I signed up for coaching programs, the timing wasn't right. I mean, literally, I signed up late for all three.

One program was starting just as I was coming into the home stretch of planning and delivering my retreat. There was no way I could commit to one more thing on my plate. But I knew this program was going to create some huge shifts for me, and I really wanted to join, and that coach very generously let me put it off for several weeks.

The program before that one, I was expecting a corporate training payment that would cover the cost of the program, but it wasn't going to arrive until the week after the program started. That coach also was very flexible and let me start late, especially since everything was recorded, and I wouldn't actually miss anything.

And the program before that one, I was just about to start delivering my 7-week virtual program, and I was waiting for a couple of participants to sign up in order to make the payment (do you see a theme here?). That coach allowed me the extra week to sign up as well.

All three of these programs have turned out to be critical to the development of my business, and without them, I would still be struggling to figure out who I am as a coach and speaker, how to brand and market myself (well, let's be honest... that's an ongoing process), and how to create and promote my programs, build my mailing list, and attract clients.

Those three coaches didn't judge me or make me feel bad for not being ready at "the right time." They so graciously allowed me the time I needed, and I'm incredibly grateful to them.

Now I want to pay it forward. 

Speak to Engage Mentoring and Mastery started on April 19. Our first live call was recorded, and the resources and materials for the program are still in the process of being added to our private web page. Our first recorded training will be delivered this week.

And I'm holding one spot open for that one person who's been wanting to join but the "timing wasn't right." Are you the one?

I'm going to hold this spot for you for one more week, until next Tuesday, the date of our second live call. (The payment plan is still available.)

I know how it feels to want to join a program so badly, but to be held up by finances, or by timing, or by some other obstruction.

I also know how it feels to make it happen. To suck it up, ask for the extension, join the program late and gain all the benefit!

So I'll ask again: Are you the one?

We're waiting for you. :-)

On The Everything Page you'll find everything you need to build visibility, credibility and influence through engaging presentations that move your participants into action: freebies, low-cost products and courses, and 1:1 coaching!

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