November 29, 2019

BF + SBS + Cyber Monday + Free Gift = Today!

I hope you're enjoying the long weekend (if you're in the US)! I realized that my friends in other countries now do Black Friday, even though there is no Thanksgiving on the preceding Thursday! Wow, talk about spreading American culture worldwide.

Personally, I don't shop on Black Friday. I enjoy the practice of "Buy Nothing Day" on the Friday after Thanksgiving because honestly, I'm not always proud of my own shopping habits.

However, I know that many of my friends and colleagues are looking for great deals today, and who am I to hold back a great deal from you? 😉

I'm also a big fan of Small Business Saturday because I love supporting my fellow entrepreneurs and local small business owners.

And if everyone is going to be shopping holiday sales, whether for Instant Pots or smartwatches or shoes, why shouldn't you also be able to find holiday sales on coaching and other services from me and my fellow small businesses?

So I decided to wrap Black Friday into Small Business Saturday into Cyber Monday. Because I'm lazy and don't want to do separate offers!

And, as a thank you for being part of my community, I also created a special gift, just for you! 🎁 Check it out below.

These offers are all available until midnight EST Monday.

First... something free!


My clients have been enjoying my Decision Grid so much as part of the Speaking Roadmap virtual retreat and Presentation Foundation Quickstart Kit that I decided to give you your own copy, along with an explainer video that walks you through the process!

This will help you organize your ideas and make your next big decision without being distracted by bright shiny objects and rabbit holes!

This offer has ended.


Speaking Roadmap DIY Pilot Program registration ends Monday at midnight EST

I'm looking for ten people to go through a self-paced version of the Speaking Roadmap visioning and action planning process by December 31. It will take less than three hours of your time, I promise!

This offer has ended.

Cyber Monday Special: Video Presentation Review - NEW!

Send me one of your presentation videos and specify a five-minute block you'd like me to evaluate.

I'll send you back a 10-point evaluation of your talk with quick suggestions for improvement.

Whether you need to refresh your opening, create a better closing, develop engagement activities, use more humor, update your slides, or anything else that needs a quick tweak, send it over and I'll help you upgrade whatever you're doing now so you get better results from your presentations!

This offer ends at midnight EST on Monday! There are four spots available at $99 each.

This offer has ended.

On The Everything Page you'll find everything you need to build visibility, credibility and influence through engaging presentations that move your participants into action: freebies, low-cost products and courses, and 1:1 coaching!

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