August 28, 2020

Rise up out of the noise

Every day, I see more of my friends and colleagues speaking out against injustice, finding their voices, and speaking their truth.

Just yesterday I wrote about a conversation with a friend who was feeling hopeless. Later that day, another friend spoke up publicly for the first time about the issues plaguing our country.

Maybe you didn't jump on the bandwagon three or six or 36 months ago. Maybe, for whatever reason, you've been holding back. Maybe you're afraid to rock the boat, turn off potential customers and clients, or upset your boss.

You know what? There are A LOT of ways to speak your truth. You don't need to bash people over the head.

But if you're a public figure in any way (speaker, coach, entrepreneur, business or nonprofit leader), with a public platform, and you're not saying *anything,* you're doing your customers and clients a disservice.

Are you a leadership coach or speaker? A financial coach or speaker? An expert on customer service, marketing, social media, graphic design, money mindset, mental health, chronic illness, fitness or something else where your clients are relying on your support to transform their lives or work?

How does your topic/work/content apply to what's happening right now?

People need you. They need to know how to manage their money - in this current environment. They need to know how to stay mentally and physically healthy - in this current environment. They need to know how to deal with their customers - in this current environment.

What people don't need is shallow platitudes and empty clich├ęs. People are struggling. People are hurting. They need you to rise up out of the noise and speak authentically to them about their challenges.

Stay tuned: I'm offering my FREE Speaking up for Change virtual workshop next month to help you get your message out of your head, off of your heart, and into the world. 

You'll learn the Why, What, Who, Where, How and When of #speakingupforchange!

Want to know more? Raise your hand in the comments! Details are coming soon!

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