February 12, 2022

4 things I learned this week

1. I often add new things to my business while forgetting to subtract, which makes my business cluttered, complicated, and messy. I'm grateful to my coach for setting me straight this week.

2. As a coach, I face clients who are stuck and struggling, and the truth is, I can't fix them. I can give all the tools I have, and be a support, but they have to fix their own problems. Good reminder.

3. I forget how amazing it is to feel inspired! I'm good at getting things done without major inspiration, but when I do get inspired by some great coaching and reflection, its like gold!

4. It's so scary at first to try new things, and especially to put yourself out there for people to see you trying new things! But it's so rewarding for the personal and professional growth. I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone!

What did you learn this week?

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