May 18, 2021

Even Eddie Murphy needs the nerves

Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld in a car
I loved this conversation between Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Those of us who have the most experience speaking and entertaining on stage know this to be true: If you're not a little bit nervous, you just don't do as well.

It doesn't mean you have to be shaking in your boots to give a good performance (because that's not good for anyone), and it doesn't mean that you can't experience incredible energy and a sense of flow and connection during the performance.

What it means is that, in order to do a good job, we have to care. We have to be committed to success, both in delivering our best and delivering what the audience needs, wants, and cares about.

Top speakers, athletes, and entertainers will always be nervous before an event because they're committed to doing their best and they don't rest on their laurels of previous successes.

So when a client comes to me and they say they don't want to be nervous when speaking, I have to tell them the truth: Eradicating all nervousness serves no purpose. 

What I CAN help with is managing nervousness, channeling the adrenaline, and working on your mindset around the adrenaline rush so you use it to serve your needs and your audience's needs.

Check out the conversation below!

Eddie Murphy: The times I've gotten on stage and felt totally loose with no energy of being uncomfortable at all, I would do shitty. I wouldn't have as strong a set.

Jerry Seinfeld: You wouldn't have. 

Eddie: No. 

Jerry: Right. 

Eddie: You gotta have a little bit of "What if this shit doesn't... what if they don't get all of this shit?" I always do best when I have a little bit of that.

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