October 18, 2006

Take your meds

This may be one of the stranger things you've read about public speaking, but bear with me. It's a good one.

I have allergies. I'm allergic to cats, dogs and dust mites. You might have hay fever that goes haywire when the pollen count goes up. Allergies can be a real pain, and I take prescription meds for mine.

We are currently in fall allergy season, and especially when the Santa Ana winds blow here in So Cal, the air dries out, the allergens get kicked up and allergy sufferers are doomed.

I can tell you that the last thing I want to have happen during a presentation is to experience an allergy attack. Eyes watering, nose running, sneezing and coughing - one of my worst public speaking nightmares, actually.

So on a day when I have a presentation, no matter how lazy I've been about taking my meds the day before (shhh, don't tell my doctor), I will always be fully medicated - eye drops, nasal spray, asthma inhaler, you name it.

I'm not kidding when I tell clients to be prepared for anything when they're getting ready for a presentation!

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