November 1, 2006

Check your zipper

This is another of those somewhat odd public speaking tips.

I talk a lot about all the preparation necessary before giving a presentation: researching your audience and your venue; having your notes in an easy-to-use format; making sure your content is free of jargon and complicated words that will confuse your audience; taking your meds, etc.

How about looking in the mirror before you go in front of the group? Do you have spinach in your teeth? Do you have toilet paper on your shoe? Or what if, like one of my clients, you neglected to zip up your dress?

She wore a dress with a side zipper, and a camisole underneath, which meant she didn't feel a breeze when the zipper was open. Luckily, that camisole prevented any flashes of skin, but she was pretty embarrassed to find her zipper open at the end of the presentation.

Public speaking is like an iceberg; your presentation is the tip, what's seen on the surface. But the bulk of the presentation, the part that your audience doesn't see, is all the preparation and planning that goes on beforehand. Details matter!

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Anonymous said...

Very unique blog. As a psstor, every week finds me in front of a group of people. About five years ago, I was speaking to about 100 teenagers in our regualr mid-week service. As I was talking to the group, a student kept gesturing to me. I couldnt figure out what was going on. Finally I stopped and asked what he was doing. He was trying to be descreet. But this went out the window as now he simply had to reveal the issue - my fly was down!! Ha!

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