February 3, 2007

Women in Charge, Part III - Maureen Kelly

My favorite speaker of the day was Maureen Kelly, founder of Tarte Cosmetics, and winner of the 2006 Woman of the Year award, given during the luncheon.

Not only is Maureen a role model in business for her vision, frugality, persistence, life balance, and philanthropy, but she is a charming and candid speaker. The best kind, in my opinion!

When she received her award, she spoke for a few minutes about her business' early days (making products in her one-bedroom apartment - a lot of us know what that's like!) and her current achievements (sales of $15 million in 2006). She also took questions from the floor.

She is the kind of speaker whose enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and her honesty, humor, easy smile and authenticity were refreshing. And I'm a sucker for any speaker who remembers to repeat back the questions from the audience!

Her key message: "Make yourself matter." She certainly knows how.

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