March 12, 2007

Introducing yourself

If you're like me, you forget people's names the minute you hear them. I say the name aloud as I'm meeting the person, and then later I will look around the room and mentally repeat back everyone's name to myself, in an additional effort to remember.

Here's a simple way to help people remember your name when you're introducing yourself in a group setting, for example, at a meeting or training where introductions go around the room.

First of all, stand up and, if necessary, move to a place where you're more visible. If everyone can see you, you will be easier to remember. Make sure you're standing and facing the group before your introduction, rather than starting to talk while you're in the process of shuffling your papers and getting to your feet.

State your name and what you do, and any other required information. Before you sit down, state your name and affiliation again. Some people have already forgotten your name since the beginning of your introduction, so give them a reminder.

It also ties up your introduction neatly, instead of saying something like "That's it," which is how many people awkwardly end their introductions!

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