April 18, 2007

Where I hang out online

I was tagged last week by Yara Nielsenshultz of the Spicy Writing blog while I was out of town, and forgot to get back to it. I'm supposed to share who tagged me (done), share where I hang out online, and tag more people. Yay, fun!

If you look down the right hand side of this page, you'll see most of the places I hang out under Speaking/Biz/Marketing Blogs and Other Good Sites/Resources. But let me tell you where I go pretty much every day.

1) Scott Ginsberg, aka "The Nametag Guy" writes almost every single day, so I have no choice but to read his blog, or I'll get way behind! He focuses on approachability, customer service and marketing, and he's got a really fresh, unique way of seeing things and expressing himself. I think we're a lot alike. Maybe that's why I enjoy his blog so much. Nothing like some positive reinforcement for your ideas.

2) Joan Stewart's Publicity Hound blog is packed full of useful information about PR. People can also write in and get help from the readers for their projects needing publicity. Really practical stuff.

There are a lot more business-oriented blogs that I read, as mentioned above. However, lest you think I spend all my time online reading about business stuff, I will also share a couple of my "hobby" blogs.

3) Accidental Hedonist is where I get all my up-to-date food news. Whether it's animal cloning, the fois gras ban, or the disappearance of honey bees, Kate Hopkins is on top of it.

4) I have to share Vegan Lunch Box - Jennifer McCann makes the most adorable vegan lunches for "little Shmoo" and even though I don't have kids, I just love seeing what she comes up with every day. She also has a cookbook out that I have yet to buy. Here are a couple of her more inventive lunchbox creations:

Valentine's Day lunch

Tiger in the Grass

Lunchbox of the Damned

5) Last but not least, how about a plug for my friends over at Rare Bird Finds? Mei-Lynn and Sharla find the coolest stuff all over the 'net so you can go buy it!

Okay. . . now who am I going to tag next? How about Carrie at Sommer Designs, Tony at Blogging Legacy, and Ross at Public Speaking Sucker?

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