July 26, 2007

Add a loop to your PowerPoint presentation

I have a series of slides that I've set up to run in a loop at the beginning of presentations. While people are arriving and getting settled in, these slides show a series of public speaking-related quotes and questions. When it's time to begin, I click a tiny link on one of the loop slides, and the main presentation begins.

This morning I discovered an even smoother way to transition, just using the "Esc" key, although it takes a little more work to set up in the beginning. Follow the tutorial here to create a presentation that seamlessly flows from your loop slides right into your main presentation.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - If you're interested in sharing your presentations on your blog (not sure if Squidoo allows either of them yet), you can use either of these service providers (free, of course).



Lisa Braithwaite said...

That's a good idea; I hadn't thought of it. I have one of my presentations, and a couple that I made for a client, in Slideshare and they're linked on my website.

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