July 25, 2007

Reduce stress the natural way

A study was published last year by Stuart Brody at the University of Paisley in the UK, comparing different sexual activities on stress levels at a later date. Public speaking was one of the "stress tests" monitored during the study.

The study showed that some sexual activities reduced stress better than others (the subjects' blood pressure returned to normal faster) - I'll leave the, uh, intimate details of the study for you to read on your own.

Herbert Benson, professor at Harvard Medical School and founding president of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, offers a different approach to stress reduction. The "relaxation response" is one of the most basic mind/body tools in fighting stress.

Visit the "Managing Stress" section of the website for more tools, like "For the Boston Sports Fan"(!) and "38 Stress Busters".

Benson's book, "The Breakout Principle", talks about reaching peak stress levels before engaging in relaxation activities in order to improve focus and creativity.

Lots of ways to manage and relieve stress - which is your favorite?

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