July 20, 2007

Are you a master moderator?

I attended a panel discussion recently that was interesting and informative - and went way over the allotted time.

Either the number of questions posed to each panelist was just too ambitious, or the moderator let the whole thing get away from her, but either way, it was too long. The audience suffered by missing the opportunity to get all their questions answered, and because the panel was right before lunch break, the moderator thought it would be okay go over time.

I had a lunch meeting and couldn't stay, and I imagine it was the same for many audience members.

Too bad she hadn't read Rebecca Morgan's post on moderating a panel.

I never knew there were so many things to think about as a moderator, and I'm guessing most moderators don't think of all these things, either.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for listing my posting and article about moderating a panel. I am convinced you're right -- that few people give much though into making a panel great.

I put a lot of time into what the panel is to accomplish, and interview each panelist ahead of time so I know which questions to direct to whom. And I work to bring the questions and comments back to what would be of most interest to the audience. It is a lot of work, but I think panels can be the highlight of a conference if they are done right.

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
blog: http://www.GrowYourKeyTalent.com

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