July 19, 2007

Did you give it your best shot?

And what does that mean?

Last night, on American Inventor, a contestant was eliminated after his machine took 40 minutes to cook a medium-rare steak. In the post-interview, he said, "I gave it my best shot."

And I said out loud, "Really?" Because I could totally imagine him retooling his machine to cook that steak a lot faster.

Isn't there always a chance to do better next time, to give a "better shot" than before? If you think you've given your best shot, it sounds to me like you've given up.

This inventor might not get another chance on that particular show, but that doesn't mean his dream has to be over.

As a speaker, you will always have another audience, another gig, another chance to give it a better shot. Please don't let me hear you say you "gave it your best shot." Because that's just not true. You can always do better.

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