August 14, 2007

Show up and speak!

TJ Walker says, in his book "Media Training A-Z":

"Millions of people may sign up to audition for a chance to sing on American Idol, but how many people in your office sign up for a chance to give a presentation to your board of directors? This is the great reality about speaking and presenting: most people will do anything to avoid it. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish yourself in an activity that no one wants to participate in, whereas it is hard to distinguish yourself in an area like singing, because everyone wants to do it.

I learned at an early age that when it comes to giving a speech, good things happen to people simply for showing up. The sheer act of making a public presentation or stepping in front of the camera can distinguish you from your colleagues, even if you aren't an outstanding speaker yet."

The next time you're thinking about how unlucky you are to have to have to give a presentation at work, think instead:

1. How lucky you are to be given the opportunity to stand out in your workplace
2. How you will be rewarded professionally and personally for taking on the challenge of public speaking
3. How much more confident and self-assured you're going to look just by showing up!

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TJ Walker said...

Thanks for posting Lisa. I will send a free presentation training video to any of your readers if they go to

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