August 11, 2007

Are you holding yourself back?

A few months ago, I wrote a post about self-limiting beliefs that interfere with one's progress in their careers, or more specifically, as speakers.

Some of the beliefs on the list included:

I am not skilled enough.
I'm too old to make a major life change.
My family and friends will think I'm crazy.
The unknown isn't safe.

These beliefs also interfere with us moving forward and accomplishing things in our personal lives. Are there things that you would love to be doing but have avoided because of your self-limiting beliefs?

Here's mine, going all he way back to high school.

I went to a school that required every student to be on a team, no matter their skill level. A friend convinced me to join the track team in the spring; she was a discus thrower, and she never had to run during practice! So I started throwing discus and shot put (and yes, we were supposed to run to warm up, but it was easy to dive down behind the fat high jump pad and hang out there without the coach seeing us. I think I only ever did one warmup lap).

Discus and shot put grew on me. I especially loved weight training, because I was a skinny, scrawny girl, and those little muscles I built made me feel so powerful. In fact, my love of weight training stayed with me, and it's still my favorite form of exercise. When I can get off my lazy butt and do it. That's a reality I think many of you can relate to.

Over the past few years, I've been fantasizing about throwing discus. But how? Where? How does a woman in her 40's just pick up a discus and start throwing it?

I did research online and found a masters track club in Santa Barbara. That was, oh, three years ago. This spring, the urge struck again and this time, I made the phone call.

I was invited to a meeting to learn more about the club and to meet some of the members. Before the meeting was over, I had a website for equipment, a list of upcoming masters meets, and the name and e-mail address of a throws coach.

Last night, I placed an order for my new discuses/disci (apparently, both are correct), and some discus shoes. As soon as my goodies arrive, I've got a coach lined up and I'm going to start training.

And then after that, I'm going to enter some masters track meets. And I'm finally going to stop fantasizing and start DOING!

How about you? What are you fantasizing about instead of doing?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on re-starting the discus!
I watched my children for almost a year practice TaeKwonDo before I said to myself, "Why am I just watching?"
So at 35 years old, I started training. I am still as stiff as a board but at almost 40 years old, I now have my red belt.
I may never get my black belt but it is better to kick some butt than to be sitting on my own butt letting it get fatter and fatter.
(p.s. this comes to you from a girl who FAILED gym class in high school)

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