August 7, 2008

Why you need to open with a bang

One of my clients was talking about her initial nervousness when she gives a presentation and how much it would help her to have a better opening.

We usually talk about strong openings as a benefit to the audience: as a way to engage them, pique their interest and encourage them to get involved.

But we don't talk about the benefits to the speaker of having a strong opening. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post on slowing down, having a strong opening benefits both the audience and the speaker.

A strong opening helps you feel more fully prepared
, because you know exactly what you're going to say.

A strong opening helps you get over initial nervousness, because when you're prepared you feel more confident.

A strong opening helps you read the audience right from the beginning, giving you an idea of their mood, their level of interest and their likely level of participation.

Think of your opening not just as a way to grab the audience, but as a way to psych yourself up and get yourself in gear for a successful presentation.

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