November 15, 2007

Breaking the rules

We could say something similar about speakers. . .

Knowing all the rules can make you a decent speaker, but knowing which rules to break - and how - can make you an outstanding and memorable speaker.

Personally, I'm against the "no ums and uhs" rule.

Which rules do you break?

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2 comments. Please add yours! :

Unknown said...

1. Speaking with your zipper down (check)
2. Speaking while ignoring a ludly crying kid (check)
3. Speaking while chewing ice (check)
4. Making everyone gett into groups to discuss topic cuz I needed to go to the restroom (check).
5. Forgetting to turn off microphone while I was in the restroom (check)
6. Falling off stage while speaking (check)
7. Sneezing and sending projectile (check)
8. Laughing hysterically at my own joke (check)

I could go on all day about broken rules!!!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

I'm not sure I would agree that all of those are broken rules. Getting everyone into groups to discuss a topic is a great idea and, hey, everyone needs to pee sometimes.

Eric Feng talks on his blog about leaving the mic on in the restroom, too. That's hilarious! I'm extra conscious about that one now.

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