November 17, 2007

How not to conduct Q&A

(For some reason, this video is no longer showing up, so you can find it here.)

Wow. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. How exactly is this an "excellent question?"

Could he have waited any longer to express his "respect" for Senator Clinton? Could he perhaps NOT have laughed at the joke and instead defused the situation by insisting on respectful language?

I'm going to pass you along to this article for some excellent analysis on the use of the "B" word to put down women, noting that if McCain's supporter had used any other slur, McCain never would have chuckled along with the crowd so jovially.

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Anonymous said...

What would have happened if someone had asked Ms. Clinton, "How do we beat the B*****D?" about Mr. McCain?

Why don't male reporters ask male politicians where they buy their suits and ties? or ask if they have "put on a few pounds" during the campaign?

The double standard is ridiculous!

Andrew D said...

Hi Lisa:

From John Kinde, here's another blog analysis on John McCain's response:

For tips on how TO conduct a Q&A, I recently wrote:

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for your responses. This is a pretty ugly issue, and it demonstrates that even seasoned speakers, politicians who are used to dealing with hecklers and other uncomfortable situations, can still be caught off guard.

It's just too bad he took so long to attempt to make it right. Yes, after she asked the question, McCain stopped to gather his thoughts, but he still managed to come up with the wrong response.

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