November 19, 2007

Last chance to buy public speaking e-course!

Hey everyone, I want to let you know that my public speaking e-course, "7-Week Shortcut to Public Speaking Confidence," is coming down tomorrow so I can make revisions in preparation for relaunching in January.

I've gotten excellent testimonials from users of the e-course, but I'm just never satisfied, and I'm going to make it even better, including adding video, audio and one-on-one coaching in the new version.

I'm taking it off the market for now and I'm going to bust my you-know-what over the holidays to create an even better experience for you.

If you'd like to be kept in the loop about when the e-course comes back, please sign up here. This list is just for people who are interested in getting info about the new and improved e-course; I will not spam you! You will have to check your e-mail box for a confirmation link. If you do not click the confirmation link, then you have not given me permission to e-mail you, and you won't be added to the list.

If you'd like to purchase the e-course in its current form at its current price (yes, the price will go up with the relaunch), get over there today - I'll be taking it down tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. PST (oops - that's not fair to the West Coast is it?) 1:00 p.m. PST.

On The Everything Page you'll find everything you need to build visibility, credibility and influence through engaging presentations that move your participants into action: freebies, low-cost products and courses, and 1:1 coaching!

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